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Laura San Segundo

Laura San Segundo

Residence Period: 2024.07.05-2024.08.01

Laura San Segundo

Residence Plan
Inspired by the verse "I crack an egg and the moon comes out" by avant-garde Japanese poet Chika Sagawa, the project I will carry out during my time in Tokyo will be a dialogue between my visual universe and the surreal yet straightforward style of her poetry. This will involve exploring the complexity of her expression in contrast with the simplicity of her formulation, as well as capturing the sense of waiting, unease, and stillness present in her poems.

Artist Profile
1)Artist at FUTURES Photography Platform, 2023
2) Educator at Efti, European Institute of Design and New York University
3)MA in Photography and BA Fine Arts, Complutense University, 2013

Base of Activity: Madrid, Spain
Media Used: Photography

Laura San Segundo studied Fine Arts, followed by an MA in Photography. With a playful yet thoughtful methodology, defined by the connection between images of different natures, she uses photography as a tool to reflect and create illusions, rather than solely documenting reality. Instead of focusing on specific stories, she explores the narrative and metaphorical potential found in the everyday; and how a concept, experience, or observation can evoke diverse ideas and feelings.