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Julia McKinlay

Julia McKinlay

Residence Period: 2024.07.01-2024.07.15

Julia McKinlay

*Portrait photo: Wes Foster
*Artwork photo: "A Pair of Lungs", with Hiroko Nakajima, Nakanojo Biennale, 2023. Photo by Hiroko Nakajima.

Residence Plan
Recently I've been considering the interdependent relationship between drawing and sculpture in my practice. I'm interested in exploring the language of abstract forms that has emerged in my work across both two- and three-dimensional work during my residency at AIR 3331. I will be making a series of drawings and collages that consider flatness, surface and form.

Artist Profile
1) "Making Poetry with Solid Objects: Drawing and Sculpture", group exhibition, Komagome SOKO, Tokyo, 2024
2) "A Pair of Lungs", duo exhibition with Hiroko Nakajima, Nakanojo Biennale, 2023
3) PhD by practice, Leeds Beckett University in partnership with Yorkshire Sculpture International, 2022

Base of Activity: Leeds, United Kingdom
Media Used: Sculpture, drawing and print

My practice questions the overlaps and perceived boundaries between nature and the human made through an abstract language of forms. I create bodies of work that are semi-fictional environments for the viewer to explore. Previous installations have represented the surface of a snail's shell, an obscure garden, and the edge of the world. I primarily work with metal because of its malleability and vibrancy. In recent work I have been responding to the sculpture making activity of marine mollusks.