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Residence Period: 2022.11.08-2022.11.21


Monetary (2020)

Residence Plan
My residency was decided upon receiving an award from Hiroyuki Kimura of 3331 Arts Chiyoda. To offer my gratitude for his compassion and understanding toward my artwork, I thought, "I want to make something that can only be made here". More specifically, "shapes" will be extracted from "words" and flown as paper airplanes. I have a not yet announced work called "the shape of words" that computes the surface area and color of "words", which I will be testing out. I wish to produce many paper airplanes from words I encounter during my residency, and to turn the gallery into an air terminal. I would like to imagine a world where words have taken flight.

Artist Profile
1) 2006 Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design, Design Dept., Graphic Design Major
2) 2021 select group exhibition "beyond." gekilin. (Osaka, Japan)
3) UNKNOWN ASIA 2022, Hiroyuki Kimura Award (Osaka, Japan)

Base of Activity: Kyoto, Japan
Media Used: three-dimensional work, graphic design

Tartz was raised in a household with parents who work in an electronics shop. After spending his childhood and teen years during Japan's economic boom, he then experienced its population decline and economic downturn in his 20's and 30's. After graduating college, he held positions in shop management, design, and public relations for the EC department of a candy company. Gradually, his interest and curiosity in art gained through university, and his interest in economics and society gained through work became mixed, drawing his interest toward art that has a big influence on society. From viewing the collection of artworks by Marcel Duchamp at the Tokyo National Museum, he became interested in where Duchamp's "end of art" is headed from now on. Superimposing himself on a Japan whose energy continues to weaken, Tartz decomposes the values of the past, and reconstructs them into new expressions.

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