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Residence Period: 2022.11.01-2022.11.28


Residence Plan
During the residency at AIR 3331, Zoryu is planning to meet people who are referred to as "Okama"* in the area of Shinjuku in particular, and paint them in a modernist portrait style of the 19th century. The intention of the project is to reveal the part of humanity that great history attempted to repress as "minor".

*Japanese colloquial term referring to men who adopt feminine identities and mannerisms

Artist Profile
1) BFA Sculpture, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, 2022
2) "Saminjeon", group exhibition, Gangneung City Hotel, Gangneung, 2022
3) Studio H Canada Residency, Metchosin, Canada, 2022

Base of Activity: Seoul, South Korea
Media Used: Sculpture, painting, installation, performance, craft

Trained classically in painting and sculpture, the artist has worked on numerous figure paintings, as well as marble and ceramic figures. The works invite the audience to focus on the technical depth and proficiency of materials, which in some ways can be considered rare in contemporary sculpture. By adhering to the extinct and anachronistic language of art, Zoryu not only examines, but also mocks the meaning and majesty of "regression" in the various epochs of art history. Zoryu spontaneously sets the theme of the works by discovering contradictions, stereotypes, and disagreements of our understood history.