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Jude Griebel

Jude Griebel

Residence Period: 2022.11.25-2022.12.08

Jude Griebel

Residence Plan
My residency period will focus on documenting the Toyosu Sefood Market, as research for new sculptures that explore jeopordized ocean ecosystems. After drawing and photographing on site at the market over a series of days, I will return to my studio to create preperatory drawings that explore themes of contemporary exess and species depletion,

Artist Profile
1) "Next World Emissaries", Solo Exhibition, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 2022
2) Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, 2022
3) Artist Residency, Pioneer Works, New York, 2022

Base of Activity: Bergen, Canada; Brooklyn, USA
Media Used: Sculpture, Drawing

Jude Griebel creates intensively detailed figurative sculptures that visualize our entanglement with the surrounding world. In his works, landscapes, the species we affect, and the waste we create, coalesce in vivid forms that illustrate the reach of our impact and consumption habits. Both harbingers of ruin and agents of transformation, his works build on art historical traditions of the anthropomorphic body to reflect a planet in a state of crisis.