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Yili Liu

Yili Liu

Residence Period: 2022.10.25-2022.11.21

Yili Liu

Residence Plan
At AIR 3331, I aim to discover cultural values unique to Japan through exchanges with the local community. The residence project will focus on the concept of "reassembly", established by Allan Kaprow in in the late 1950s-1960s. Through this concept, I will reinterpret the "nichijou" ("everyday" in Japanese) through a local lens, and divide these phenomena into ideas such as "objects" and "practices", which will then be transformed into an uncanny "happening". I am planning for my residency work to result in a site-specific installation, as well as sculptural artworks.

Artist Profile
1) "Vain", Diving Art Space, Shanghai, 2022
2) "Squeeze", Karen Tronel, London, 2020
3) "The Age of New Babylon", Lethaby Gallery, London, 2018

Base of Activity: London, UK
Media Used: Installation, Moving Image, Sculpture, Performance

Yili Liu (b. 1994) holds a graduate degree from Central Saint Martins in MA Contemporary Photography, Philosophy and Practice, and a BA Fine Art in Chelsea Collage of Arts. She is interested in the transformation that takes place between ideology and phenomenology through a focus on the "everyday" and the "uncanny".
In her artistic practice that spans installation, moving image, and performance, she interweaves concepts of humanity, nature, space, and life in response to contemporary society and global culture. Her work veers between reality and imagination, and is often seen as surreal.