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Patricia Chow

Patricia Chow

Residence Period: 2022.10.19-2022.10.25

Patricia Chow

Residence Plan
Japan and France are both countries where there is a stark contrast between a dominant capital city and rural areas where traditional farming still exists. During the residency, I will exhibit work created earlier this year in Paris and rural southwest France side-by-side with new work created in Japan. The exhibition invites the viewer to contemplate urban/rural differences and whether these might be greater than national differences.

Artist Profile
1) Act 1 Group Exhibition, Yellow Cube Gallery, Paris, 2022
2) AIR Vallauris Exhibition, Vallauris, France, 2021
3) MFA in Art, Claremont University, USA, 2019

Base of Activity: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Media Used: Contemporary painting

Patricia Chow is a Chinese American abstract painter based in Los Angeles, USA. Her practice combines the philosophy and methods of East Asian ink painting with the thought and materials of Western painting. The work explores the effects of cultural contact through the erasure of an underlying Asian calligraphic mark beneath layers of painted Western abstraction, reflecting the loss of culture and traditions that generations of immigrant families face through assimilation.