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Hiromi Miyakita

Hiromi Miyakita

Residence Period: 2022.09.28-2022.11.25

Hiromi Miyakita

Performance at Ken Iwata Mother and Child Museum, Imabari City / 2018

Residence Plan
As the resident artist selected for this year's "Kaekko Bazaar in Chiyoda x Artist-in-Residence", Hiromi Miyakita will be holding a children's workshop titled, "Let's Find Dance".

For this project, Miyakita will mainly focus on the concepts of "Observation", "Worlds Outside and Inside the Body", and "Approaching Physical Expression". Through "Observation", the participating children and I will observe our surroundings, beginning our exercises by focusing on movement found in nature and people. For "Worlds Outside and Inside the Body", we will touch on the various types of movement surrounding us and discover the vast worlds unfolding, not only in the outside world, but inside our bodies as well. Lastly, for "Approaching Physical Expression", we will test out multiple approaches to physical expression, while practicing moving our bodies, as well as objects.

Artist Profile
1) 1997 B.F.A. in Dance from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2) 2021 "Den Steinen zuhören / Listening to the Stones", Kunsthause Dresden, Dresden, Germany / group exhibition
3) 2019 "The Other Body", 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan / solo exhibition

Hiromi Miyakita's dance practice is based on the idea that any movement, even simple ones like standing, walking, or sitting, can all become dance, as well as the discovery of dance through the objects and phenomena surrounding us.
Miyakita moved to Kyotango on the Japan Sea coast in 2012 and developed her NuTu dance, which involves striking together natural stones collected on the beach. Today, Miyakita creates site-specific performances in a variety of spaces including museums, railroads, parks, streets, and Japanese gardens. She has directed performances including "Timetable of the Day: The Tango to Toyooka Performance Train" (Kyotango/Toyooka, 2017) . She has also applied her dancer's sense of space and time to visual art and has presented artworks at 3331 Arts Chiyoda (2019) and Kunsthaus Dresden (2021).