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Will August Park

Will August Park

Residence Period: 2022.10.04-2022.10.31

Will August Park

Residence Plan
My music expresses the emotional landscape of particular times and places and my connection to
them. At 3331, I plan to immerse myself and connect with the metropolis that is Tokyo. Sensitive to
how COVID-19 is shifting our responses to our environment and communities, I want to explore
musical themes and techniques relevant to Tokyo's current artistic landscape(s). Leading up to my residency, I am writing pieces of music that connect to my experience in Los Angeles at this time.

This project is supported by Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd

Artist Profile
1) "Ellipse", Music for Dance, The Sweat Spot, 2018
2) "Past of Presence", Music for Dance, San Francisco 2019
3) "Death Game", Original Score for Film, Braindead Studios 2022

Base of Activity: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Media Used: Music, piano, synthesizer, sampling

Will August Park is a musican from Ventura County, California. He has primarily worked in film and performance art since 2017. His collaborators include Dominique McDougal, Jonsi, Jacqueline Kramer, Ruby McCollister, and many more. In addition to his collabortative work, he also releases his own music under his name. In September of 2021 he was featured on the cover of Spotify's "Fresh Finds Experimental" playlist.