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Hei Lam Ng

Hei Lam Ng

Residence Period: 2022.07.07-2022.08.03

Hei Lam Ng

"Japa-wocky", 2022. Digital inkjet prints, stings, polyester silver sheets.

Residence Plan
Being a multilingual person, I have always been fascinated by the (in)ability of language translation. What I found most poetic in a language is the words that are unique and precise in itself and therefore unable to be translated accurately. With this pre-established interest in language and translation, I wish to work on research and production that involves the Japanese language during this residency. I look forward to exploring the gaps where translations occur and get lost in the city.

Artist Profile
1) Festival des Arts Imprimés de Montréal, FoFA Gallery, Montreal, QC, Canada, 2022
2) "Light Hours", HoTam Press, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2021
3) MFA Studio Arts in Print Media, Concordia University, 2024 (pending graduation)

Originally from Hong Kong, Hei Lam Ng is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Montreal, QC, Canada. Hei Lam's practice spans across photography, printmaking, text art, and book objects. An anterior background in Chinese creative writing often adds a subtle poetic touch to her work. The loss and acquisition of identity in situations of displacement is often a theme she explores. Hei Lam's current work and research interest lies in the objecthood and accessibility of artwork.