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Noelle Turner

Noelle Turner

Residence Period: 2022.08.02-2022.08.29

Noelle Turner

Residence Plan
During the residency, my work will be process driven, exploring how unnatural and natural materials repel and seduce each other, and the lack of distinction between the two; how the natural and unnatural converse with one another, and necessitate co-existence for balance to be achieved.

Artist Profile
1) BFA in Fine Art, Oxford University, 2015
2) "Tarmac", Group Exhibition, Format Gallery, London, May 2022
3) "Pond", Solo Exhibition, Art Hub, London, October 2020

Noelle Turner is a British artist based in London. Her recent work has consisted of installation, sculpture, painting and writing, which address the natural and unnatural world, systems and processes, the seduction of objects, and the impulse to order the chaos that surrounds us. Drawing upon wide-ranging influences, she explores the pre-historic to imagined future world in search of knowledge that will help to understand a time-present deeply personal to the artist in terms of spirituality, sadness and searching.