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Samues Leung

Samues Leung

Residence Period: 2022.07.01-2022.07.28

Samues Leung

"Follow your dream!" 2019, mixed media installation (brass, painted on paper), W 300 cm x D 350 cm x H 120 cm

Residence Plan
Samues' 4-week residency at 3331 Arts Chiyoda will begin by his research of Japanese culture, focusing on the tradition of people making wishes by paying visits to various temples, or other interesting cultural trends borrowed from the West, such as the act of putting metal locks on bridges, seen in bridges in Europe, markedly those along the Seine River in Paris. Furthermore, he will continue to pose the question - "what is the cultural difference between Japanese and Western people?" He will then develop his research through the production of artwork, which will be finalized by a reflective art exhibition in late July of 2022.

Artist Profile
1) Master of Fine Arts (MFA) RMIT University, 2015
2) Master of Arts and Cultural Enterprise, Central Saint Martins, UAL, 2018
3) "The Feminine Awakens" Art Exhibition, Pao Galleries, HK Arts Center, November, 2019
4) "The Art of Impermanent", Solo Exhibition, Goh Gallery, Toyko, 2017

My studies explore the beauty of Japanese aesthetics and aspects of Zen philosophy, which I use to consider ideas of impermanence in the art-making process. In my investigations, I involve ideas of "consciousness" and "minimalism", which come directly from my interpretations of the universal ideas relating to the Japanese concept of "Wabi-Sabi".