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AK Kiehm

AK Kiehm

Residence Period: 2022.06.23-2022.08.14

AK Kiehm

Residence Plan
Four years ago, in the summer of 2018, I participated in the AIR 3331 program where I worked on a photography project as a high school student, yet to be an adult or an accredited "artist". While I was not able to complete a project that I was completely proud of, only being a high school student and an amateur at the time, my participation in AIR 3331 four summers ago still remains one of the most meaningful and proudest experiences of mine, even after all these years. Thus, now, as a college student attempting to start his career as an artist, I could think of no other place that would be more appropriate and proper to take my first step towards becoming an artist, as well as an adult, than 3331 Arts Chiyoda. My experience with the AIR 3331 program had a significant influence on my growth as an adult as well as an aspiring artist -- I thus had vowed to return to the program once I was ready, and now I will finally realize this promise, at the age of 21.
This summer, I plan on executing my first project as an adult, titled "In the Flower of Youth". The project, using film photography as its main medium, will use flowers to symbolize the concept of youth, capturing various ways people interact with flowers and using these images as a representation of how young adults interact and make use of their life and the privilege they have as adolescents. As a young adult myself, I have constantly been contemplating the questions of "how should one take advantage of youth?" and "how should one spend one's youthful times?" -- and with this project, I intend not to give specific answers or instructions, but rather to explore this concept of youth and visualize certain aspects of it, utilizing the very potent symbol of the flower.

Artist Profile
1) AIR 3331 Residency, 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Tokyo, Japan), 2018
2) (Currently enrolled) BA in Art History, Columbia University, 2024

Base of Activity: New York, USA
Media Used: Film photography

Born and raised in New York City, AK started interacting with the art world at an early age by the influence of his father. After spending his life moving around the US, Korea, and Japan, AK was influenced by the cultures of the three nations, resulting in the development of his unique ideas and perspectives which he wishes to convey through his art. Currently a sophomore at Columbia University, AK intends to start his career as an artist with his participation in the AIR 3331 residence program, where he will be working on a photography project centered around the concept of "youth".