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Kenichi Ishiguro

Kenichi Ishiguro

Residence Period: 2021.10.18-2021.12.09

Kenichi Ishiguro

Photo by Hyogo Mugyuda, "The Dreams of Bird and Fish Seen after One Hundred Years", Shiga Museum of Art,2021

Residence Plan
During his residency, in preparation of the 3331 GALLERY #043 3331 ART FAIR recommended artists × AIR 3331 "FOOLS GOLD" solo exhibition by Kenichi Ishiguro to be held in November 2021, he will research and create a new work in Tokyo.

Artist Profile
1) "Sustainable Sculpture" , group show, Komagome SOKO, Tokyo, 2020
2) "Soft Territory" group show, Shiga Museum of Art, Shiga, 2021
3) Alternative Kyoto"Light of My World", Former GINREI building, Fukuchiyama, 2021

Base of Activity: Kyoto, Shiga, Japan
Media Used: Sculpture, video, Installation

Born in Kanagawa Japan 1986. Kenichi Ichiguro received two Master's degrees from Hiroshima city university (2011) and Kyoto university of the arts Global Seminar (2020). He has been organizing and working in the share studio, named "Yamanaka Suplex" in Otsu city, located on Mount Hiei lying between the Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures.
His recent work has been exhibited, including "Book of Kirinuki", Zuiun-an, Kyoto / 2020, "The Analogical Mirrors", Yamanaka suplex, Shiga / 2020, "YESTERDAY'S TOMORROW IS TODAY", VBKÖ, Vienna, Austria (Vienna, Austria / 2019).