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Shu Matsui

Shu Matsui

Residence Period: 2020.08.04-2020.08.31

Shu Matsui

Photo: Asako Watanabe

Residence Plan
Founded in April 2020, "Shu Matsui's Specimen Room" is a community in which we don't have to think about things like productivity and efficiency or short-term goals and gains.
People who are connected by their intellectual curiosity gather with samples (specimens), converse, and return to being individuals. Based on these samples (specimens), in August there will be a moving live installation, as well as a screening of a film by Natsuka Kusano (film director). The project will also investigate new lifestyles and human adaptation.

Artist Profile
1) 1996 Graduated from Meiji Gakuin University, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
2) 2007 Founded Theatrical Company "SAMPLE"
3) 2011 Won 55th Kishida Prize for Drama with work "PROUD SON"

Base of Activity: Tokyo, Japan
Media Used: Theater, live installation

The objective of my work is to search for connections and discover ways to reflect on and construct them. From 2001, I have experienced living overseas, learning various languages as an artist, dancing, and teaching. I saw the essence of these activities as being driven by a pursuit for connections within a global context, in a world where we continue to grow apart. I preserve, record, and memorize senses of mutual connection. These are the major components to the series of my work.

Profile Photo: Jin Ohashi

Supported by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)