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Julie Deanne Strasheim

Julie Deanne Strasheim

Residence Period: 2020.03.04-2020.03.31

Julie Deanne Strasheim

Residence Plan
Using Mokuhanga, Japanese woodblock printmaking, my work explores simplicity, movement, and an evolving sense of interconnectedness. Moments of harmony can be fleeting, temporary experiences. My work attempts to capture and document these. I envision joining several prints into a larger composite piece that dominates a space so that smaller moments can come together to create a larger, more overwhelming sensation. My prints focus on making ephemeral experiences permanent through the print.

Artist Profile
1) 1995-1999 School of Visual Arts (Scholarship Recipient/Graduated with Honors)
2) 2003, 2006 Awarded Elizabeth Greenshields grant
3) 2016 Mokuhanga Program (MI-LAB)

Base of Activity: Suzhou, China
Media Used: Mokuhanga (Japanese woodcut, water based printmaking technique)

My work is centered around connection, seeking it, reflecting on it and finding ways to build it. As an artist who has lived abroad since 2001, learning different languages, dancing and teaching, I have understood the essence of my activities to be motivated by pursuing connections in a global context as we become increasingly separate. I have been building a body of work based on this principal; preserving, recording and memorializing sensations of interconnectedness.