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Lin Yichen

Lin Yichen

Residence Period: 2020.02.12-2020.02.27

Lin Yichen

Residence Plan
For this exhibition with AIR 3331, I would like to show both my past and present works. By lining these up in the same space, I hope to discover the path of their development, as well as the shifts in my own perspective and thinking process. I believe this will lead to the further development of my work. I am eager to share with visitors how my work has progressed and the daily changes that caused them to shift direction.

Artist Profile
1) 1990 Born in Taipei, Taiwan
2) 2017 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University Graduate School, Sociology Department
3) 2020 Graduate candidate, Visual Arts College Osaka Photography Department

Base of Activity: Osaka, Japan
Media Used: Photography

I believe that photographs are my medium for conversing with the outside world. Drawing from my identity as a twin and my experiences of study abroad, through photos I question the relationships between myself and my surroundings. I aim at creating my work with an introspective viewpoint.