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Paula Menchen

Paula Menchen

Residence Period: 2020.03.03-2020.03.30

Paula Menchen

Residence Plan
During my residency at AIR 3331, I will be working on a project titled, "Intersecting Borders". This is a series of prints exploring the concept of borders and intersections. Comparing natural borders to man-made borders, I will be investigating the intersections of physical printed borders. Combining the tactility of traditional Japanese Washi rice papers and the techniques of Mixografia printmaking, I will create lush and suggestive intricate patterns and layers. Layering the prints and lining up their edges, the intersecting patterns are boundaries evoking a discourse on art and borders within a local and global context.

Artist Profile
1) 2019 "Flux Exhibition", National Army Museum, Chelsea, London
2) 2017 Otis Summer Residency, Los Angeles, California
3) 2016 "24 é Premi Telax" Galeria Antoni Pinyol

Base of Activity: San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga, Spain
Media Used: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking

Paula's art offers itself to the viewer as extremely evocative and suggestive layered painting emphasizing the tactile surface and transformative colors. Through the action of construction and deconstruction, her work gives rise to a lively surface. Analyzing the material's front and back, its perforated surfaces and distinct impressions, footprints, and traces, she deconstructs the image and finds the harmonious language that connects the ideas of drawing, printing, and painting.