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Luis Enrique Zela-Koort

Luis Enrique Zela-Koort

Residence Period: 2020.02.04-2020.03.03

Luis Enrique Zela-Koort

Residence Plan
What are the possibilities for the human mind? How is our subjective experience constructed? And how much control do we have over this construction? In the context of our current virtual and technological revolution, I posit that changes do not simply happen on a superficial level, but a fundamentally epistemological level. The task of my project is to expose a body totally imprinted, and actively transformed by culture.
In my stay at AIR 3331, I intend to formulate and execute an interdisciplinary project based on the conceptual linings mentioned, articulating different perspectives within art and poetry, from the fields of contemporary technology, religion, anthropology, history and philosophy specifically found in Tokyo. It is my intent to delve into myself and others within this community as a means for understanding the world we are collectively building.

Artist Profile
1) Solo exhibition: "No se puede regresar al polvo", Revolver Galería (Lima-Peru) (2019), Museo de arte contemporáneo (MAC) (Lima-Peru) (2020)
2) Solo exhibition: "Métrica Tensa", Paiján (Trujillo-Peru) (2019)
3) Solo exhibition: "Singularidades", Espacio Tomado - IK Projects (Lima, Peru) (2018)

Base of Activity: Lima, Peru
Media Used: Sculpture, Mixed Media

I am interested in critically analyzing the techno-scientific advancements that sustain humanity's transformative power over the world, as well as the historical construct of institutions which determine the direction that guide these advancements. Without a need for value judgments, I attempt to deconstruct the narratives which the Anthropocene generates as a conceptual framework for human activity.
Symbolically, I posit these phenomena manifest on sexual, biological and ritualistic levels, allowing for the creation of new configurations for matter. Formally, my work integrates notions of artificiality, organicity, and change, exploring the tensions of materiality in our current virtual revolution. I tend to employ new media such as robotics, VR and digital fabrication tools, together with traditional and artisan processes. Trying to find a balance between factual and poetic elements, I intend to produce art relevant to the experience of contemporary subjects in this crucial breaking point for our species.