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Chien-Chin Liu

Chien-Chin Liu

Residence Period: 2020.02.28-2020.03.26

Chien-Chin Liu

Residence Plan
During my one month residency at AIR 3331, I plan to explore Japanese, Chinese, and Western aesthetics in an attempt to create a new visual language in the form of soft sculptures. I will be observing the traditions and cultures found in the local Tokyo environment, then transform these into visual symbols. My goal for the final exhibition is to use local Japanese textiles to create soft sculptures.

Artist Profile
1) Master of Fine Art, National Taiwan University of Art, 2017
2) "Wave", Group Exhibition, Taitung Art Museum, Taitung Taiwan, 2019
3) "Weaving Idenitity", Solo Exhibition, Venue Art Space, Taipei Taiwan, 2017

Base of Activity: Taipei, Taiwan
Media Used: Textile

Chien-Chin Liu received a Textile Design Degree before earning her MFA Degree. She incorporates her knowledge and skill of textile design into artistic concepts, with a specialization in textile soft sculpture.