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Michel Huneault

Michel Huneault

Residence Period: 2020.02.15-2020.02.21

Michel Huneault

Residence Plan
While in Tokyo, I will continue my work on the concepts of "Nature" and "Modernity", which I have been developing since 2012 in Japanese cities. I will be expanding my production on visual concepts and forms, mostly through photography and videography, that emerged during previous journeys in the country. This work directly informs - and is in dialogue - with my research and reflection on the Tohoku region, also ongoing since 2012, and which I will also continue in my 2020 visit.

Artist Profile
1) "Roxham VR", premiered at Phi Center and Rencontres d'Arles, 2018
2) "Views from Tohoku", installation at Images, Vevey, Switzwerland, 2016
3) Dorothea Lange - Paul Taylor Prize, Duke University, USA, 2015

Base of Activity: Montreal, Canada
Media Used: Photography

Before devoting myself to photography in 2008, I worked for over ten years in the international development field. Today, my practice - often including audio/video elements in immersive experiences - keeps looking at development and nature, trauma and collective memory, migration and other geographically complex realities. I develop my projects in chapters over a period of several years, presenting them through complementary platforms ranging from traditional media to contemporary art spaces.