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Julia Ganotis

Julia Ganotis

Residence Period: 2020.02.04-2020.03.02

Julia Ganotis

Residence Plan
Plastic trash is the product of our globalized societies and it reveals who we are and how we live.
Discarded materials and objects are the contemporary fossils that nourish my creative thrust and my capacity to imagine.
I use collecting and memory to create a magic cabinet of curiosities, which stir up the viewer's smallest and incongruous found objects, creating a microcosmos of surreal presences. It is up to the viewers to embrace it, causing them to lose their footing and become absorbed in a new world.

Artist Profile
1) 2015 Galerie 3F, Paris, France
2) 2016 The ArtBox Project, Miami, USA
3) 2017: MA in Visual Culture and Contemporary Arts, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Base of Activity: Brussels, Belgium
Media Used: Mixed media

Death, solitude, the frivolous yet fatalistic aspects of our time, the poetic in the mundane, the bittersweet in the absurdity of our existences, beauty in the uselessness, our despicable yet easy to attach human nature. All these are subjects that mixed media artist, Julia Ganotis, strongly feels connected with and incorporates them into her works.
In Julia's work, a microcosmos is created and it faces us with its surreal presence. It is up to the viewer to embrace it, letting loose of conventions and being carried away by imagination.