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Alex Delapena

Alex Delapena

Residence Period: 2020.01.14-2020.02.10

Alex Delapena

Residence Plan
The AIR 3331 residency program will allow me time and resources to better research and explore the temporal aesthetics of Ma, or the concept of spatial consciousness, concerning my practice. I'm interested in developing research and images based on its relationship to my concerns with sound and hearing. With the vast demographic of landscapes, from rural to metropolitan, I will have access to explore and consider social and geopolitical environments.

Artist Profile
1) MFA Candidate, University of California, Riverside, CA. (2022)
2) MOPLA, by Lucie Foundation, ROW DTLA, Los Angeles, CA. 2018.
3) 10th Photographic Image Biennial Exhibition, Wellington B. Gray Gallery, Greenville, NC. 2017.

Base of Activity: Los Angeles, California
Media Used: Photography

As someone who is hearing impaired, I'm interested in sound's relationship to vision, how together the two shape our overall awareness of space, safety, comfort, and familiarity. I use photography and sculpture together to explore themes of imitation, reproduction, and sensorial awareness as they relate to our experiences to sound. My work both illustrates and projects the shifting space of my perception of the sonic and physical world.