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Gaby López Dena

Gaby López Dena

Residence Period: 2019.12.19-2020.02.12

Gaby López Dena

Residence Plan
During my residency in Tokyo I will continue to develop "Along Those Lines" (New York, 2017), a project in which I recompose the fragmented version of the urban landscape created in my mind when I commute using the subway system. For several days I will be walking along the Toei Oedo Line at street level, while documenting it using super 8mm film and found objects. This will serve as a departure point to create an installation juxtaposing diverse fragments of the city.

Artist Profile
1) Vera List Center for Art and Politics, New York City, 2017-2019
2) "Freedom of Speech: A Curriculum for Studies into Darkness", New York City, 2019
3) "Cooperative Cities", New York City, 2018

Base of Activity: Brooklyn, NY; Mexico City
Media Used: Architecture, installation, film

Gaby López Dena works across architecture, film and installation. She investigates how urban processes and infrastructure shape the lived experience of those who inhabit cities. Gaby founded DENA, a transdisciplinary studio in which she designs and constructs spaces, creates films about the built environment, and collaborates with other artists, mostly on large-scale installations. She also serves as part-time faculty at Parsons School of Design, from where she holds a master's degree.