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Bei Yu

Bei Yu

Residence Period: 2019.12.14-2020.01.10

Bei Yu

Residence Plan
During the 4-week residency, the artist will make a photographic work titled, "個性的な /personal/私人-東京/my Tokyo".

This project begins with a Chinese story that happened in London, which can be briefly summarized as - A Japanese hairdresser, a Western Hong Konger, and a mixed Chinese person, together creating a story between two fictional countries called, 'Zhong Ting' and 'Qian Pu'.
The story emphasizes the translated issues of collective memory through language, urban culture, immigration, and feminism in the context of East and West.

The entire story will be presented in the form of a video essay work, which includes the photograph project.
For the final public open studio event, the artist will exhibit two to three photographs, along with the work-in-progress of the video essay.

Artist Profile
1) Solo show "Defibrillation", United Art Museum, Wuhan, China, 2018
2) Solo show "Innocence is a mistake", Favelab, Athens, Greece, 2019
3) Art prize, Gamma Young Artist Competition, Finalist, South Korea, 2019

Base of Activity: Leeds, London, UK; Shanghai, China
Media Used: Light box, Video essay

Bei Yu (b.1993) is a current PhD student at University of Leeds, and received two Masters' degrees (Print/Research) from Royal College of Art. As an artist, his practice can be described as linguistic, cultural, and romantic, working with problematic translations of literary works and everyday stories. His practice explores themes and objects as metaphors, images found in signs, as well as reading the unreadable.