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Esther van Asselt

Esther van Asselt

Residence Period: 2019.10.01-2019.11.25

Esther van Asselt

Residence Plan
The danger of artificial intelligence is not that A.I. will replace us. The danger is that we outsource our thinking capacity to machines that do not understand our human world, and forget to invest in machine AND human learning. With this in the back of my mind, I will create a new piece of research about our relationship with robotics and will focus on nurturing more human learning by organizing a fun, creative activity that allows us to learn from each other.

Artist Profile
1) Nominated "Threshold Award 2019" & "Research Award 2019"
2) "DIVERSE GROUP OF BODIES" Open Night, Gemaal op Zuid Gallery, 2018
3) BA VISUAL ARTS, Willem De Kooning Academy, 2015-2019

Base of Activity: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Media Used: Collaging, Photography, Research-based, Programming

I'm a socially engaged designer with a curious and daring attitude that shows I'm not afraid to let my voice be heard. The world around us inspires me to work on projects for and about people. Taboos are meant to be broken, and I want to bring up discussion by showing them in a more approachable way. I'm fascinated by the imperfection and rawness in our world, and want to show that with work people can relate to.