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Eric Chi-Puo LIN

Eric Chi-Puo LIN

Residence Period: 2019.10.01-2019.10.28

Eric Chi-Puo LIN

Residence Plan
"Fold in Time and Space" is a writing project across time zones. During this residency, I will visit the area of Kanda and its surroundings to conduct fieldwork and research for this project. I will explore the intersecting marks created by "time" in "space" in the process of historical mobility, as well as the different ways of space utilization and forms of imagination people have developed as a response to the needs from different eras.

Artist Profile
1) Hsing Yun Journalism Award 2013 (often called "the Pulitzer Prize of the Chinese-speaking world")
2) "The Right Passion Can Define Your Life: 12 Self-Development Tips for the Microcosmic Universe Generation", 2012
3) "Etudes on Life ", 2019

Base of Activity: Taipei, Taiwan
Media Used: Literary writing, journalism, research, art critic, etc.

Eric Chi-Puo LIN is a literary writer, a journalist, a researcher, and an art critic. He paints a picture by taking three different threads--"literary creation," "trend observations," and "news reporting"--and weaves them into a cohesive image. Because he is both author and journalist, these experiences have been a rich source of inspiration in his literary writing and commentary on trends. Over the years, he has developed a literary style rooted in what he calls "observation on the move".