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Claudette Zorea

Claudette Zorea

Residence Period: 2019.09.03-2019.09.30

Claudette Zorea

Residence Plan
I will focus on the routine phenomenon of the public daylight state of sleep of individuals in public spaces of Tokyo. Beyond its physiological nature, the state of sleep, by supplanting the local intense 24 hours reality, becomes the other realm as an enigma to elucidate.
My work will evolve toward an oneiric collage and juxtaposition of (in)animate objects.

Artist Profile
1) "Sleep state Sculptures and paintings", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2018
2) MFA Fine Arts, School of the Arts 2016; MA in Fashion design, 2000
3) Art Curator, Beit Hair Museum, Tel Aviv

Base of Activity: Tel Aviv, Israel; Paris, France
Media Used: Sculpture, Fashion, Drawing, Installation, Photography, Moving Image, Sound

Claudette Zorea was born and raised in France. She is an artist and fashion designer living in Tel Aviv. Since the start of her practice, her artistic approach and production has interconnected both arts and design. Considering the arts as an unlimited means of exploration and production to express her approach to fashion, her experience in design has given her a hybrid perception of the process of creating and producing works of art. In recent years, she has been immersed in the world of contemporary art through educational and academic projects in the field of art and design by working on curatorial activities with influential institutions.