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Sanae Arraqas

Sanae Arraqas

Residence Period: 2019.07.22-2019.08.19

Sanae Arraqas

Residence Plan
Taken up since September 2016 in the Parisian metro, my work has been focused on the nature of the marginalization and isolation of people, particularly concerning growing populations in displacement. During my residency in Tokyo, I plan to continue developing my approach, with particular interest in the management of one of the world's most densely populated cities. When I think of Japan, rather than a particular historical monument, I see a sophisticated social organization, which brings to my mind busy railway stations and the famous Shibuya crossroad with countless pedestrian's crossings. This image convinced me that I needed to work in Tokyo and discover its intense yet controlled culture and organization.

Artist Profile
1) "The yellow line" solo show, Kulte Gallery, Rabat, Morocco, June 2019
2) Artist in residence at The Mahler Fine Art Gallery, Raleigh, USA, 2018
3) Graduated National Fine Arts Institute in Tetouan, 2013

Base of Activity: Casablanca, Morocco
Media Used: Drawing, painting, engraving, installation

Sanae Arraqas currently teaches at the Casablanca-based Technical High-School, while also being active as an artist. Sanae seeks, first and foremost, to situate herself directly in contact with social issues that affect day-to-day life. Her vested interest in the complexity of situations and human relations is readily seen in her works that center on transitions made between spaces. With this sensibility, Sanae aims to put forth the relation between the developing economy and architecture, along with the influence they exercise on the behavior of the people using them.