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Eirin Torgersen (Elstur)

Eirin Torgersen (Elstur)

Residence Period: 2019.06.25-2019.07.22

Eirin Torgersen (Elstur)

Residence Plan
In modern society it has become too easy to get swept up in small insignificant distractions, that in turn sway us off our course, preventing us from thinking independently or leading us to only think of ourselves. When considering MA [間] (Japanese concept of "space") in modern society, it means to be able to take the time and space to step back, think, and see the whole. With our societies constantly moving forward at rapid speeds, the underlying fear of MA [間] disappearing becomes more prominent than ever. This project aims to explore the existence of MA [間] in the modern Japanese society and culture, through a series a images documenting the city of Tokyo.

Artist Profile
1) BA in Photographic Media, Griffith College Dublin, 2017
2) Halftone Print Fair, The Library Project, Dublin, 2017
3) "Ferð", Group Show, Griffith College, Dublin, 2017

Base of Activity: Oslo, Norway
Media Used: Mixed Media, Visual Art

A visual artist, working mainly with photography and mixed media. My practice primarily deals with the interrelation between nature and humanity, and is heavily influenced by societies and cultures across the world. My work aims to always be thought-provoking and allow the viewers to create stories within my images based on their own perspectives and experiences in life.