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Jeremy Edwards

Jeremy Edwards

Residence Period: 2019.05.28-2019.06.24

Jeremy Edwards

Residence Plan
The project is about interaction between the urban/public spaces of the Kanda area, the local people who use them and the type of things that can be left in these places. This involves my going to particular parts of the community, making objects there and documenting the reactions of local people to these objects. The public is free to modify, develop, customize, and appropriate these objects in any way they wish.

Artist Profile
1) Presentation Mina Gallery, San Francisco, 2019
2) Residency Counterpulse, San Francisco, 2019
3) Residency Brooklyn, New York, 2018

Base of Activity: Paris, France
Media Used: Mixed materials - wood, etc.

Jeremy Edwards challenges assumptions, conceptions and meanings regarding the role objects play in everyday life. His influences come from the ordinary, basic but essential solutions people find when using simple means and everyday materials/objects that surround them, in order to make life easier. He believes that these solutions can broaden our view on what the creative process is and that this creative process, according to people's own personal point of view, can be organised differently.