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Olivia Sullivan

Olivia Sullivan

Residence Period: 2019.05.28-2019.06.24

Olivia Sullivan

Residence Plan
I intend to present stories that are location-specific to Chiyoda and other districts in Tokyo, to draw from emotive experiences that are observed, told and abstracted. The project will be a body of illustrative narratives that respond to these locations through a non-native lens with a focus on creating a range of perspectives. The body of work will include prints, objects and moving image to create levels of depth and discovery that cannot be told fully in a singular format.

Artist Profile
1) MA in Information Experience Design (Moving Image), Royal College of Art , 2018
2) Upcoming: World Illustration Awards Exhibition, London, 2019
3) World Illustration Awards Shortlist 2019, New Talent, Experimental

Base of Activity: London, UK
Media Used: Illustration, comic art, moving image, installation

My practice explores visual poetry, psychogeographic stories and environments. I use graphic narratives to communicate these themes and experiment with various formats. I aim to expand on the ways graphic narratives can be presented and experienced to include a more varied audience.