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Scarlett Yang

Scarlett Yang

Residence Period: 2019.05.22-2019.07.15

Scarlett Yang

Residence Plan
I aim to dis-entangle the mutually influenced European/American/Eastern Asian visual elements within modern Japanese cultures, to frame and study them individually while extracting both visual/movement based cultural representations, resembling visual images to embody tactile narratives. I will focus on project developments by categorising and curating visual and tactile subjects, framing these into my presentation of a medium of physical wearable sculptures and virtual characters in narrative settings. Throughout the residency period, on-site research will be carried out within anime shops in Akihabara, Ikebukuro and Nakano Broadway; Conbini; gaming centers; Comic con, online forums, etc. 360 scanning within the reality realm will be placed in a digital context through 3D modeling simulations.

Artist Profile
1) 360 Virtual Exhibition, Google Map Street View, 2019
2) [鶴亀Tsuru Kame] Nihonbuyo performance, Cecil Sharp House, London, UK, 2018
3) BA Fashion Design Womenswear, Central St. Martins, London, UK, 2019

Base of Activity: London, UK; Hong Kong, China
Media Used: Sculpture, fashion, digital art, performance art

The multidisciplinary work of London based artist Scarlett Yang is a journey of exploration in materiality and tactility. Through sculptures and wearables, she expresses sensual narratives with shapes, textures and movements. From her background in studying fashion and training in dance/theatre, she focuses on the theme of human bodies, discussing its philosophical aspects as well as the disembodied human emotions and physicality. She also tends to integrate knowledge and methodology across the fields of visual arts and movement.