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Cho, Hui-Chin

Cho, Hui-Chin

Residence Period: 2019.06.04-2019.07.29

Cho, Hui-Chin

Residence Plan
Through AIR 3331, I have the opportunity to observe the authentic Japanese culture surrounding animation and manga, which will become the significant dialogue in merging my Taiwanese-born background and my Western educated Fine Art aesthetics. I intend to intensely research into "manga-like figures" because the Japanese manga culture was all around me during my infancy. The main subject matter in my works is correlated with the "figure", depicted in an ambiguous way using multiple references, namely painting, photography, and collage, each of which I see as the same manifestation made through concrete dimensions that can be conveyed as a variety of compositions and motifs.

Artist Profile
1) MA in Painting, Royal College of Art, 2019-2021
2) Solo Show: 'An unlikely assortment of conformity' Galerie Joseph Turenne, Paris, 2018
3) CASS ART Painting Prize, 2018

Base of Activity: London, UK
Media Used: Painting, sculpture, collage, installation

I was raised in Taiwan, in a multicultural environment deeply influenced by Chinese aesthetics and the anime and manga culture of Japan, all of which have shaped the space of my imagination. Currently, I mainly live and work in London. Material is an important aspect of my work, and animal by-products such as vintage and antique leather symbolize creatures that were sacrificed by humanity and represent an existence between life and death. I intend to reflect on conflicting phenomena, namely the inevitable relationship between obsessions and humanity. This assumes that all patterns, objects, motifs, colors and materials can be analyzed, deconstructed and criticized in all their manifestations and forms. As a result, my work is experimental deconstruction, whose processes help each viewer uncover their own opinions about desire, fetish, ambivalence, sadism and obsession.