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Di Liu

Di Liu

Residence Period: 2019.05.14-2019.05.23

Di Liu

Image caption: "The rest breaks of workers in the outdoor", from Wajiro Kon and Kenkichi Yoshida, Modernology, Tokyo: Shunyodo, 1930. Photo by ITOYU. (EN) 「露天利用労働者休息状態」,今和次郎/吉田謙吉『モデルノロヂオ』春陽堂、1930. Photo by 伊藤遊. (JP)

Residence Plan
I will develop a project on the historical Jimbocho book town to experiment with modernological methods pioneered by Wajiro Kon (今和次郎) and developed by Genpei Akasegawa (赤瀬川原平). I will collect ten objects (or images of objects) from the neighbourhood, either from purchasing in store or acquiring for free on the street. The objects can be antique books, daily goods, giveaways or street waste. The criteria for collecting are historicity, quirkiness, locality and out-of-placeness.

Artist Profile
1) Research experience with HB Station and Asia Art Archive
2) Writing residency at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2018
3) MA in History of Design, Royal College of Art, 2016

Base of Activity: Hong Kong
Media Used: Writing

Di Liu is a researcher and writer. Her research is mainly archive-based, focusing on the historical and social context of art activities. Her research interests include Tokyo's art scene from the 1960s to 1980s (especially the practice of Rojo-Kansatsu-Gakkai, 路上観察学会), the collaborative practice in Southeast Asian contemporary art since 2000, and the material culture of modern China.