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Anne Stijnen

Anne Stijnen

Residence Period: 2019.04.02-2019.05.27

Anne Stijnen

Residence Plan
I will learn as much as possible from the Japanese culture, about the several techniques in bookbinding, in printing, and from the Japanese alphabet and its calligraphy. While interacting with the culture directly, I will be making new work daily, drawing inspiration from my surroundings in Tokyo. I have been brought up with my own Western culture, and would love to see how my art is affected by other cultures, using the non-Latin alphabet for a more abstract approach to my work. The result will be multiple graphic works, brought together by my thoughts on Tokyo, the language, and my view on the city.

Artist Profile
1) BA (with honors) in Graphic Design, Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology, 2018
2) Studio Annie, graphic designer, 2015 - present
3) "Out of the Ordinary", Duo exhibition, Museum Land van Valkenburg, 2018

Base of Activity: Maastricht, The Netherlands
Media Used: Graphic design

I am a graphic designer who likes creating "beautiful" things. In my work I always search for my definition of beauty. My work communicates a strong passion towards minimalism and purity. I love a smooth execution, my eye for detail comes in handy at those times. And although perfectionism can be a difficult trait to work with, I am able to accomplish my design with this as my advantage, through hard work and determination. My unique character adds controlled chaos and rough edges to the clean designs by the use of extraordinary materials.