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Yangwoo Kim

Yangwoo Kim

Residence Period: 2019.07.30-2019.09.23

Yangwoo Kim

Residence Plan
Through this residency program, I intend to focus on a project about commuting distance and time in the city. I am especially considering the increased amount of time and the distance we move everyday. This project aims at showing the commuting life of individuals who live in Tokyo (Japan), compared with other urban areas such as Seoul (Korea), Johor Baru (Malaysia), and Singapore. All of their lives spent moving show characteristics of the individual, while also showing patterns of many people who live in cities.

Artist Profile
1) MFA in New Form, Seoul Women's University, 2018
2) "67.32km" space illi, Seoul, South Korea, 2019
3) "Somewhere in the World", 800/40, 300/20, 200/20, South Korea, 2014

Base of Activity: Seoul, South Korea
Media Used: Video, reasearch, performance, etc.

I am interested in "place", "city", "media", "viewpoint", and "movement".
I have been making works using the environment of a specific place with regard to perspective, the scenery, or relationships between its objects. Sometimes, I am making works based on a situation or information that I experience in a place. Recently, I am interested in commuting distances in urban areas. Through this activity, I study and research the relationship between commuting, time, and urban expansion.