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Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone

Residence Period: 2019.03.01-2019.03.28

Andrew Stone

Residence Plan
"The Book of Days". Working from sketchbook diaries and original etegami, I will produce woodblock prints and watercolors based on the themes of the daily chores and objects that historically made up the fabric of everyday life transformed today by the realities of our modern age. As one of a group of 4 Mokuhanga artists coming to work together in Tokyo, our working together, on separate projects but in the same space, will be the greatest stimulus and the biggest "story" of the residency.

Artist Profile
1) Discipline and Sensibility, University of Hawaii/IMC September-October 2018, Juried Mokuhanga exhibit, Honolulu, Hawaii.
2) Main and Station, Nonesuch Works on Paper Awards, Finalist, 2016, 2017 Parrsboro, Nova Scotia/Montreal, Canada.
3) Intrecci--10 Years of Mokuhanga in Italy, Solo Exhibit, Miso di Riso, 2016

Base of Activity: Florence, Italy and Santa Cruz, California, USA
Media Used: Mokuhanga, color woodblock, watercolor Japanese woodblock printmaking

I'm an American ex-ER physician, now full-time Mokuhanga woodblock artist and painter. Living in the birthplace of the Renaissance, I am constantly reminded of the weight of the past while living the irony of the present. My work is usually figurative but even the abstract subjects and anthropomorphized objects of daily life are almost always veiled self-portraits and focus on the odd and funny way that we inhabit the world and the language we use to measure space, life and purpose.