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Mara Cozzolino

Mara Cozzolino

Residence Period: 2019.03.01-2019.03.28

Mara Cozzolino

Residence Plan
Four artists from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds and styles, but all using the same medium --
Mokuhanga. I started working on this idea almost 2 years ago and my main goal was to share studio space and time with other artists who work with Mokuhanga as a primary medium. We are all currently based in different parts of Europe and we fully understand the challenges of practicing this technique outside of Japan.
My plan is to work on a few prints while at the same time, exchanging information and visions with the other artists participating, taking advantage of working in Tokyo, where a lot of artists and artisans who make paper and tools are located.

Artist Profile
1) Lights from the Floating world: solo exhibition at Santa Croce gallery, Avigliana, Italia, 2018
2)"Japan": collective exhibition, West Yorkshire Print Workshop, UK, 2018
3)"Beauty of Mokuhanga: discipline and sensibility" University of Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2017

Base of Activity: Avigliana, Torino, Italy
Media Used: Mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printmaking)