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Jessica Lu

Jessica Lu

Residence Period: 2019.02.01-2019.02.28

Jessica Lu

Residence Plan
Surrounding the idea of the "mindscape", the artist will explore the being in existence, consciousness, and the sub-conscious, and the organic process of adaptation in the human-nature environment through the play of puppet shadow. In addition to individual studio work, the artist will also explore this idea within the community through a "Daily Practice" workshop for free movement.

Artist Profile
1) Sharing Temple Art at Sukuh Temple, Central Java, Indonesia, 2018
2) 老妖精 Scratch Performance, Shanghai, China, 2018
3) Legal Aliens, Beijing Yan Huang Art Museum, China, 2018

Base of Activity: Shanghai, China
Media Used: Video, Performance

Jessica Lu is a young artist based in Shanghai, China. She uses video and performance to create an experience or an experiential context. The tools of language that she employs, whether visual, bodily, or verbal, are a means to grasp the spiritual dimension of our being in the world.