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Kristoffer Raasted

Kristoffer Raasted

Residence Period: 2018.12.25-2019.02.25

Kristoffer Raasted

Residence Plan
At AIR 3331, I intend to work mainly with collage, text (song lyrics), and photography. Besides this, I have booked two performances at venues, "Forest Limit" and "Otooto". I plan to work on paper, with different textures, and possibly with textile collage. The presentation of the artwork I am visualizing will be a selection of the collages, photographies, and text I have made during the residency displayed in the studio space on a wall next to the work table.

Artist Profile
1) Performance, Sounding Gender, Radar, Århus, 2018
2) Fermenting Feminism, Medical Museion, Copenhagen, 2018
3) MFA, Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2018

Base of Activity: Copenhagen, Denmark; Tokyo, Japan
Media Used: Sound

Kristoffer Raasted is an artist mainly concerned with music and sound.
Orchid Domain (Denmark) is the non-binary, feminist solo project Kristoffer is producing. The art-pop music project is
organised in the association for Danish Popular Authors, DPA. In recording situations,
Kristoffer mainly collaborates with Producer Simon Brinck in Tonefald Studio on pop
songs with english lyrics.
Video sample:
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