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Ragnhild May

Ragnhild May

Residence Period: 2018.12.25-2019.02.25

Ragnhild May

Residence Plan
During the duration of her residency at AIR 3331, Ragnhild May plans to conduct research about the intersection between sound and materiality in today's society.
Building on her previous work, she will primarily work with installation, sculpture, and sound.

Artist Profile
1) Solo exhibition, Die Raum, Berlin, 2018
2) Performance, SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, 2017
3) Carl Nielsen Award, 2018

Base of Activity: Copenhagen, Denmark
Media Used: Sound, sculpture, and installation

Ragnhild May works with the intersection between visual arts, sound art, and music. Though her installations, sculptures, and performances, she seeks to break down the traditional boundaries between visual arts and music. The starting point for her works is her interest in the relationship between sound, materiality, and human bodies. Thus she has created several self-designed instruments, playing with the idea of cyborgs, robots, as well as the cultural history of music, sound, and instruments.