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 Eun Jin Wang

Eun Jin Wang

Residence Period: 2018.12.25-2019.01.21

 Eun Jin Wang

Residence Plan
I am interested in exploring the meaning of space and its relationship with people. As a one-time installation-based artist, the biggest challenge I face is the preservation of my work, its storage, and its continuity. These questions allow me to think about the possibility between object-based work and space. Currently, I am developing an idea for a foldable paper sculpture to be place in a hidden/unusable space in a room, similar to the method of a pop-up book. I hope to make this installation a reality during this residency.

Artist Profile
1) "De Ultramar" (Art_nou 2018), Estudio Nómada, Barcelona, Spain, 2018
2) "Into the Unknown Space", Saint James Hatcham Church, London UK, 2018
3) Somewhere Between" (Solo Exhibition), Dekalb Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2016

Base of Activity: Seoul, South Korea
Media Used: Installation, sculpture

Eun Jin Wang is an artist from Seoul, South Korea, who is interested in creating installation work with ordinary materials found in our daily life. Through her process, Wang explores and rethinks the definition of space. She received her MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute in New York, U.S.A. and her MA in Artist Teacher and Contemporary Practice from Goldsmiths University in London, U.K.