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Darren O'Hehir

Darren O'Hehir

Residence Period: 2018.12.25-2019.01.21

Darren O'Hehir

Residence Plan
Memory is what makes us individuals. Every time a memory is recalled it has the potential to become less accurate because of the gaps in detail that can occur. It is an incredibly intricate aspect of the human brain which is also personal and unique to the individual. Because I visited 3331 Arts Chiyoda in 2017, I plan to complete a series of works depicting the art center and other areas from memory. Upon visiting the Chiyoda area again, I will then complete the drawings once more from life. The resulting series of artworks aims to represent the complex nature of cognition and to provoke thought about memory.

Artist Profile
1) BA in Visual Communication, Deakin University, 2018
2) "Reshuffle" Solo Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, 2018
3) "Emerging Artist Award 2018" Finalist, fortyfivedownstairs, 2018

Base of Activity: Melbourne, Australia
Media Used: Charcoal, graphite, acrylic paint

Darren O'Hehir is a Melbourne-based artist who works primarily with charcoal, graphite and acrylic paint. His practice includes abstract painting and figurative drawing. Darren has completed a BA in Visual Communication from Deakin University and is now working as a video producer and freelance artist. His work has been exhibited in Melbourne galleries and can be characterized by their conceptual and thought-provoking themes.