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Era Vati

Era Vati

Residence Period: 2019.01.24-2019.03.20

Era Vati

Residence Plan
The subject of my project is memory and how it shapes peoples' minds and influences their social life. In order to pursue this, my plan is to investigate memory through abandoned places. As a result, I am planning to make a short video involving local writers, art directors, and actors. In addition, I would like to spend time drawing in the studio.

Artist Profile
1) "Hungarian Academy Scholarship Exhibition", curated by Pál Németh, Klébersberg Kúria, Budapest, Hungary, 2018
2) "90/10", curated by Pál Németh, Hungarian Academy in Rome, Italy, 2017
3) "About:blank", Macro Testaccio- La Pelanda, Rome, Italy, 2016

Base of Activity: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Media Used: Multi-media

Era Vati works across disciplines including video, mixed media, installation, and drawing. Her works focus on the relationship between memory and imagination. She has exhibited at several places across Europe, Asia, and South America, such as MACRO Testaccio-La Pelanda Rome, the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, File Festival in Centro Cultural, Sao Paolo Brazil, and Dr Johnson's House Museum London.