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Yongwon Kim

Yongwon Kim

Residence Period: 2018.10.30-2018.12.18

Yongwon Kim

Residence plan
I want to extend the new interpretation of the ecological perspective surrounding the community of AIR 3331, in which I am staying, to be incorporated in 'the recording of the inner-side' series. In other words, this is not simply drawing the general landscape, but looking at the life of the local residents in the area, to record their life as 'day-drawing', and to carry out the project with my own new perspective. Therefore, I would also like to show this project during my residency period.

Artist profile
1) "映心山水" 4th Solo Exhibition, Haohaus, Taiwan, 2017
2) "Living, Daily", Youngeun Museum of Art, Kyungki, Korea, 2018
3) MFA in Oriental Painting, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea

Base of activity: Seoul, Korea
Media Used: Moving image, installation

Yongwon, Kim is an artist who utilizes lingerie and LED lighting in art pieces. Her unusual choice in material allows her to recreate nature in a distinct and enticing way. She specifically uses video and lighting to highlight subtle differences. Her main collection is called, "Exposure", because she attempts to depict how landscapes continuously shift just as humans routinely change their inner-side.

The residency is supported by Arts Council Korea.
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