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Ryosuke Tanaka

Ryosuke Tanaka

Residence Period: 2018.11.01-2018.12.17

Ryosuke Tanaka

Japanese: 田中良佑
Exchange site: Taiwan, Pier-2 Art Center

Residence plan for Pier-2 (Kaohsiung)
Traveling is very important for my life and my artwork.
This is because travel has the ability to break through set ways and idealizations, shaping them into something more complex, emotional, and felt through the senses.
I have been traveling with the belief that I need to convey my realization of distance or body temperature in this process of transformation. And so, I want to continue this process.
"Taiwan". Is there really something I can do about its complicated history or its incredible reality?
The only thing I can do for this is to "learn".
In actually visiting this place, during my stay, I want to think about "learning", how I can convey this place we call "Asia", the mysterious distance flowing between here, and each individual person's thinking.

Artist profile

1) 2017, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan (MFA)
2) 2017, Nishiogi Video Festival 2017 -Inseparable labor and expression-, Group Exhibition, Tokyo
3) 2015, Arts of /as the Society "Hesitation",Group Exhibition, Tokyo

The most important concept in my artistic practice is, "the different types of 'me' found within society". I feel that systems such as "society" or "history" gather up the different types of "me" into a passive existence. What I want to do with art is to transform our understanding of "society" by shaping the possibilities and uncategorizable thoughts carried by these different types of "me" in order to find ways to live actively.

Artist website:

Program title: Move Arts Japan 2018 Artist in Residence Program
Support: Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2018
Collaboration: 3331 Arts Chiyoda, AIR 3331, ZERODATE Art Project, Artist in Residence Yamanashi [AIRY], Art Space Yosuga, AYUMI GALLERY/ CAVE AIR, Asialink Arts (University of Melbourne), BigCi, PAIR (Artist in Residence Pier-2)
Website link:
【About MAJ - A project in collaboration with AIR 3331】
The Move Arts Japan portal site proposes a "journey model" of the AIR experience, wherein one artist can take part in several sequential residencies throughout Japan. Using the constantly updated map of residencies across Japan as its main resource, MAJ has planned this year's residence program with the collaboration of 3 overseas organizations. The program is viewed as a trans-performative journey with a starting point in Tokyo, from which artists themselves select several locations of travel for developing their research. The results travel back to Tokyo to be presented as an exhibition and talk at 3331 Arts Chiyoda.