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Yuyen Lin-Woywod

Yuyen Lin-Woywod

Residence Period: 2018.11.01-2018.12.17

Yuyen Lin-Woywod

Residence plan
I grew up in Taiwan and later moved to Germany. When I go to a new place, I always search for cultural similarities and differences between Taiwan. I am currently researching language. My grandmother spoke Japanese and Taiwanese, but I only speak Mandarin, English, and German. I want to create a story and a tutorial for which body language can be used in the places I stay. Every region has a special body language. I want to find out which kind of body language is unanimous for everyone.

Artist profile
1) "We can't come from nothing." Taiwan & Europe Exchange Exhibition, HaoHaus, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018
2) "Membrane" Project by documenta 14, Athens & Cassel, 2017
3) ""MASS" solo exhibition, Kulturbahnhof Stellwerk, Cassel, Germany, 2017

Base of activity: Berlin, Germany; Taipei, Taiwan
Media Used: Moving image, installation

My videos are using experimental mix digital pictures with a mixture of found footage, as well as performance, in order to rethink the relationship between Internet media and social communities. My work focuses on transforming daily life activities into theatrical staging. In my practice, I use unofficial memories to facilitate the re-enchantment of national and family history, while recreating the realities that surpass reality at the same time.