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Anna McMahon

Anna McMahon

Residence Period: 2018.11.01-2018.12.17

Anna McMahon

Residence plan
I will create a new body of work in response to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. I am interested in spending time in this garden and researching (both through first-hand experience as well as with texts & other material) the unique architectural design of this garden. The work will be a site specific installation that will comprise natural elements, video, and a small performance work (a new focus in my practice). Along with this, I will also undertake a number of Sogetsu Ikebana classes.

Artist profile
1) Forthcoming exhibition "Unmaking Desier", Auto Italia, London, 2019
2) Mentorship with French Artist Camille Henrot during her Carte Blanche at the Palais de Tokyo, 2017
3) "On the turning point of becoming and returning", MOP Projects, 2016

Base of activity: Sydney, Australia
Media Used: Sculptural installation, moving image, performance

Working site-specifically, my installations explore ways in which space can be prepared, occupied, contested, altered, and changed over time. I set up instances and installations, that have autobiographic origins while speaking more broadly to an experience of contemporary life. Connecting to a lineage of sculptural installation within the tradition of conceptual art, my work aims to extend the definition of sculpture, by incorporating principles of floral arrangement.