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Suyoung Lee

Suyoung Lee

Residence Period: 2018.10.10-2018.10.29

Suyoung Lee

Residence plan
Currently I am continuing the "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project" that was started in October 2016. Through the activiies of this ongoing "Japan/Korea Creator Exchange Project", I have planned to strengthen my artistic activities through a residency with AIR 3331. For this shared experience by multiple creators in a "relay residency", I will search for meaning behind the shared theme of "REBIRTH".
I am planning to make work based on the idea of dissapearing landscapes with the subtitle of "A room without a clock".
Story behind my work: My feet stop when I encounter a landscape that is disappearing.
I recall the faded color and the shining memories of my childhood that stand out in a familiar landscape.
When I trace through time as it stands still, my heart empties itself and is filled with warmth. Together with the fading landscape, the pieces of someone's shining memories are brought back to life.

Artist profile
1)"Artist Nomad", Group, Tokyo & Akita, Japan, 2017
2)"AnKyung", Group, Seoul, Korea, 2018
3)"Ordinary time", Solo, Busan, Korea, 2015

Base of activity:Busan & Seoul, Korea
Media Used:Painting on Hanji, Korean traditional paper

I am a painter drawing ordinary life.
Scenes that move our minds such as a barber shop with the backdrop of a sunset, flowers on an empty lot, busy women in old public baths and the smell of old memories, always remain as frameworks in our mind.
So, I capture the disappearing landscapes and the people passing through its spaces.
And then I begin to paint them in order to soothe and encourage ordinary people.

*This project has been assisted by the In Painter Global.